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On Tuesday 18th April 2023 I was invited to the L’Oréal Salon Owner’s conference in London. My role on the day was to capture key moments, B-Roll footage and interviews with industry professionals.

The work involved spanned a broad spectrum of event videography skills. Including but not limited to: 

  • Walking stealthily during talks and Q&A sessions
  • Capturing various angles of the same scene
  • Lighting and audio setup for talking head interviews
  • Use of my DJI RS2 Gimbal for smooth and creative shots
  • Long lens documentary style shooting
corporate event videography

Last Minute Event Videography

This project was a very last minute one to say the least. I was contacted the day before with hope of my availability. After working with Firebird events previously I couldn’t turn down another opportunity to capture footage with them. 

My day started at 5am and I arrived in London for 8am. Hopped on the tube at Redbridge and made my way to the OXO Tower near Southwark Station. 

corporate videography services

Clean and Concise Communication

Upon arrival at the venue I discussed with Paul (Firebird Events CEO) and members of the L’Oréal team. We established what needed to be captured and when. Also what permissions were granted for me roaming during the event. 

Fortunately for me plenty of flexibility was given on the day. Meaning I could get some closer shots of the keynote speakers and a wider variety of shots throughout the event. 

professional event videographer

My Videography Brief

The brief was very simple. Capture as much as people and be as creative as I like. The event itself was quite corporate thus would require creative cinematography in order to bring the footage to life. 

The highlights reel I put together includes a number of panning, tracking, stationary and handheld shots. Mixing it up definitely helps bring to life and add professionalism to any event video.

For the Vox Pops I set up a pair of Neewer LED Panel Lights. One with warm tones for the subject, the other with cool blue tones for the background. In the finished piece this creates a beautiful separation which works wonders for interviews and talking head shots. 

A wireless lapel microphone was used to capture audio. This was not without it’s troubles as we were filming in the main function room while a lot of networking and music was going on. After some serious tweaking of the camera settings I was able to cut out almost all of the background noise while capturing the vocals beautifully. 

Booking me for your event

If you would like to showcase your event in stunning 4K, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether it’s a large or intimate gig like this, a music event or just a social gathering that you want to capture.

Use the form on the contact page today to get in touch. Alternative you can call me on 07754 206 656. 

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