Nature & Landscape Photography

With nature and landscape photography there are no right or wrong answers. Almost every moment is worth capturing and sharing. Some of these moments in nature can take your breath away, bring back memories or inspire new ideas.

In this gallery you can see some of my favourite landscape and nature photographs while travelling the UK. Stretching from the eastern coastlines of Norfolk to the western reaches of Dorset.

close up of berries on a yew tree
wild sea holly plant

My Approach To Photographing Nature

Unlike various other forms of photography, very little planning is involved with capturing nature and landscapes. Some things I consider before heading outdoors is the time of day (or night) and effects this will have on lighting. 

Golden hour is famously one of the best times to shoot natural settings, landmarks and wildlife in their home environments. Both sunrise and sunset offer incredible lighting, both with their own intrinsic differences. 

Would you like to learn more about Landscape and Nature Photography? I offer lessons on how to achieve the best out of your equipment and surroundings.

durdle door at sunset
pink foxglove flower photograph
pwllheli drone photograph at sunset

Learn Outdoors & Landscape Photography

Whether you want to get out in the open or learn from the comfort of your home. I offer one to one tuition on how to take awesome photos of the great outdoors. Contact me today to find out more.