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Last summer I had the pleasure of photographing Daniel and Jazz before the birth of their wonderful son, Ezra. Mousehold in Norwich is a gorgeous location with lots to offer. Whether you’re into extreme mountain biking or just leisurely strolls in a woodland. Mousehold is the ideal location in Norwich for a couples photoshoot. 

Armed with nothing more than my Sony A6000 camera and Sigma 56mm f1.4 lens. We made our way deep into the woods where we found a couple of spots worthy of capturing some photographs. 

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My approach to couples photoshoots

When photographing any couple I encourage connection. This doesn’t have to be through physical contact, but expressing love for one another even with distance between the two of you.

norwich couples photoshoots

If sitting or standing apart, symmetry really helps bring the final piece together. When sitting together, just be your natural selves. 

The more relaxed and natural you feel as a couple during the photoshoot, the better the outcome will be. 

What to wear to a couples photoshoot? 

This is entirely down to you. However, I would recommend taking the location and intended theme into consideration. Saying that, a suit and a dress on a snowy mountain may actually look amazing! 

Do not feel under pressure to dress to impress. Often the best results come from couples who dress as they normally would. 

Should there be a theme? 

There really doesn’t have to be. If you have any ideas it would be great to have a chat and work out how best to approach them. 

What do my couples photoshoots include? 

After every photoshoot you will be given a minimum of 10 digital images that can be transferred online in their full resolution.

Should you wish for any of the photos to be professionally printed and framed, I would be happy to discuss options for this. 

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How do I hire you for a photoshoot? 

The best way to contact me for bookings is via the Contact page by clicking here. Alternatively you can send me a message via my Facebook or Instagram pages. 

Couples photoshoots start from £95 for the basic package. This includes at least 10 full size photo files after a one hour shoot. 

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