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Over the course of the past few months I’ve been really analysing the work of other photographers. Admiring also, but getting down to the nitty gritty of what separates a great photo from an incredible shot. 

A common theme appears to be the filter used. Not just one that’s applied in post using Adobe Lightroom or similar. But a filter attached to the lens which alters the way an image is captured before the shutter is even pressed. 

K&F Concept Black Mist Filters have been popping up all over my Facebook timeline for over a year now. I’ve ordered variable ND (Neutral Density) filters from them before and would highly recommend these for both photography and videography. 

What Size K&F Concept Black Mist Filter Should You Buy? 

The size of the filter really depends on what lens you wish to use it with. Every lens has a specific filter size which can be found easily with a quick Google search. Out of all of the lenses I own, the one with the largest filter size is my Sigma 35mm Art lens. 

The Sigma 35mm Art lens has a filter size of 67mm. So when it came to purchasing my K&F Concept Black Mist Filter I decided to go for the 67mm version. This was I can screw it directly onto my lens with the largest filter size and of course use step up rings on the lenses with a smaller filter size. 

What Are Camera Filter Step Up Rings? 

Almost every lens you buy will have a screw top on the forward facing size. This is where you screw on the filter of your choosing. The most common types of filters are typically ND filters to limit the amount of light that reaches the sensor. And polarising filters which eliminate a set amount of glare. Ideal for shooting reflective subjects such as water, vehicles and so on. 

Each of these screw tops will be a set diameter depending on which lens you have. Below is a list of my current favourite lenses and what their filter sizes are. 

Each of the above mentioned lenses have a different lens size. This however does not mean I need to purchase a separate filter for each of them. Not unless I wish to shoot with the same filter on multiple cameras with the different lenses. 

Step up (and of course step down) rings allow me to use a large filter on a lens with a smaller filter screw top diameter. A packet of step up/down rings can be purchased online for less than £20. The 67mm K&F Concept Black Mist will now fit on each of the lenses mentioned without having to purchase various size filters. 

K&F Concept Black Mist Filter Nano-X 1/4 Photo Examples

Having not owned this filter for very long I am unable to provide more than just a handful of examples. However below you can see images I’ve taken both indoors and outdoors with the filter. And a selection of professional and personal photos too.  

Over the past month we’ve had some epic daylight in the UK. This time of year the sun sits low almost all day and produces some amazing sunrises and sunsets. The K&F Concept Black Mist Filter truly adds to soft light scenarios and transforms your photography if of course used right. 

kf concept black mist nano x filter photo examples
black mist filter photo examples
kf concept black mist nano x 2024

Is worth buying the K&F Concept Black Mist Filter Nano-X 1/4 with Variable ND? 

Personally and professionally I shoot a lot of video as well as photography. The variable ND (Neutral Density) element of this filter allows me to quickly adjust the amount of light which hits the sensor. All while maintaining the stunning mist effect of the Nano-X filter. 

Not only that, I often pick a specific shutter speed for photography to create a certain effect. I.e long exposure. With the variable ND K&F Concept Black Mist Nano-X Filter I have complete control over exposure and of course my shutter speed, ISO, f-stop and more. 

kf concept black mist filter photo examples

Where to buy K&F Concept Black Mist filters

I turned to eBay to purchase my first K&F Concept Black Mist filter. The only reason why was due to the easy to use click and collect service that I regularly opt for when online shopping.

Alternatively you can head over to K&F Concept Black Mist Filters on Amazon by clicking here and find the exact filter I’ve used. Of course feel free to browse around online to find the size you need.

Don’t forget to buy yourself a set of Step Up or Step Down rings to ensure your new Black Mist Filter fits each of your lenses. Click here to buy Step Up Rings from Amazon.

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