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Titled “A Fine City”, Norwich is one of the most complete medieval cities in the UK. Packed full of historic buildings, cobbled streets and plenty of locations for photo opportunities. I regularly venture into the city centre and surrounding areas to get my steps in and take pics of anything that catches my eye.

With two large cathedrals, two stunning rivers, loads of gorgeous parks and one plantation gardens. Norwich has loads to offer photographers of all experience levels. During your next visit be sure to check out my favourite locations for photo opportunities.

The Jarrold Department Store Building

Founded in 1770, Jarrold boasts witnessing the reign of nine monarchs and two World Wars. Their roots were in shopkeeping and branched into printing and publishing in the 19th century. 

Situated in the heart of Norwich City Centre on London Street. The Jarrold building was designed by George Skipper in 1903, then remodelled by himself in 1923. 

The storefront is made up of an off-white structure with large contrasting windows and lots of supporting columns. It looks great from every angle, but I personally favour the corner view showing the main entrance. 

jarrold photograph norwich

Eaton Park

Eaton Park is situated between South Park Avenue and North Park Avenue on the western side of Norwich. It’s one of my go-to locations to gather all kinds of inspiration. 

eaton park pavilion norwich photography

The Friends of Eaton Park website describes it as “One of Norwich’s Most Beautiful Historic Parks.” Made up of 80 acres of things to see, do, and most importantly, photograph. 

eaton park norwich photographer

Almost central to the park you’ll find a gorgeous pavilion with ponds for wildlife and model boating. On the east side of the park is a large pitch-and-putt course and skate-park. A huge chunk of Eaton Park is made up of large grass fields surrounded by trees, flowers and recreational play areas.

norwich photography locations eaton park

The River Wensum

The river Wensum stretches across a huge chunk of Norfolk. With the source in a small village called Whissonett near Fakenham and the mouth at Whitlingham in Norwich.

It is home to some incredible scenery, wildlife and settings for leisure and relaxation. For over 5 years I lived at the side of the River Wensum in Hellesdon. While residing here I spent more than my fair share of time on the river bank and in the water itself. 

river wensum wildlife photos norwich

Should you ever get the chance to go kayaking on the Wensum, make sure you head up to Hellesdon Mill and take a left at the fork to the back water. It’s the closest to Jurassic Park you will find in Norwich. 

Even where the river flows through the city centre, it is teaming with wildlife. Families of swans are scattered all along the Wensum. I’ve personally spotted otters, large fish and even a large adult seal swimming in the city stretch of the river. 

norwich photography river wensum

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral likely takes top place for the most popular building and tourism hot spot in the city. With the 4th highest spire in the the country, Norwich Cathedral stands at 96 metres tall. Construction of the building began in 1096 A.D and was completed in 1145 A.D. 

norwich cathedral

The  Church of England Grade I listed structure is a beauty both inside and out. The cathedral halls and cloisters provide endless photographic opportunities. It is almost impossible to take a bad photo on these grounds. 

norwich cathedral cloisters

I personally recommend visiting the cathedral during either of the golden hours for best lighting. Or during the dark to see it fully floodlit against the starry night sky. 

norwich cathedral interior

Whitlingham Country Park

Located on the very outskirts of Norwich City, Whitlingham Country Park is home to vast amounts of wildlife, diverse waterside views and lots to see and do. 

As you approach the park you will pass Norfolk Snowsports Club. A dry slope for skiing, snowboarding and tubing. At the park entrance there is plenty of parking with a cafe that offers cold and cooked refreshments. 

whitlingham park duck photos

Once you are into the park you will be greeted by the Whitlingham Great Broad. From here you can take a 2 mile wheelchair accessible trip around this incredible feature. At the east end you’ll access the River Yare and to the west of the Broad you’ll find the Whitlingham Adventure Sports Centre. 

norwich photographer locations whitlingham park

No matter where you are on this 80 acre country park, you’ll see something interesting to photograph. Rain or shine, it’s a stunning part of the city and I’m personally grateful to have this on my doorstep. 

whitlingham country park photography

University of East Anglian Broad

Following on from the theme of Norfolk Broads, I take you to the University of East Anglia Broad. Aka the UEA Broad. Both Whitlingham Broad and The UEA Broad have something in common besides their size and beauty. Neither of them are accessible by boat, for which the Norfolk Broads are typically famous for. 

The UEA Broad is on the opposite side of the city to Whitlingham yet also fed by the same river. Another nature hotspot surrounding by footpaths, woodland and boardwalks through marshes. 

uea broad norwich photography

If you step away from the Broad for a moment you’ll be greeted by the University of East Anglia’s Ziggurat Buildings and the Sainsbury Art Centre. Both have ties to popular culture. With the ziggurat building being featured on The Streets “Computers and Blues” album cover. And the Sainsbury Art Centre appearing in several Avengers and other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. 

university of east anglia photography norwich

Norwich Lanes

Entertainment, Eat, Drink, Culture, Stay, Shop, Pamper and Services. These are just some of the things that the Norwich Lanes have to offer. Smack bang in the heart of the city, these narrow streets are prime spots for photography. 

elm hill norwich lanes

The lanes consist of a series of alleyways and courtyards made up of stunning medieval architecture. When I first arrived in Norwich I was blown away by the character of these lanes. It is easy to see why they’ve featured in various movies and series starring A-List Hollywood actors. 

I couldn’t possible tell you where my favourite photography spot is within the lanes. As every time I visit, something new stands out to me and becomes deserving of some pictures. 

The Norwich Royal Arcade

Another of George Skipper’s creations, the Royal Arcade opened its doors to the public on May 24th 1899. The Arcade houses over 20 shops, restaurants and businesses. From art galleries and jewellers to “Macarons & More”.

norwich royal arcade christmas

The decorative Art Nouveau style hall is almost symmetrical from one end to the other. With large glass shop fronts, Victorian style lighting and a huge skylight. The Norwich Royal Arcade forces almost all of it’s visitors to stop, pull out their camera or phone and take a couple of snaps. 

norwich royal arcade

Mousehold Heath Viewpoint & Norwich City Skyline

The viewpoint at Mousehold Heath needs little to no introduction whatsoever. It’s one of the highest points in the city and offers incredible views of Norwich’s finest landmarks. 

The visible landmarks include both cathedrals, the city hall, The Forum building, St James Mill, countless historic churches, thousands of rooftops and Norwich’s own castle.

mousehold heath viewpoint norwich

Personally I advise including some foreground in your photographs from this spot. It lends perspective and certainly frames the photography beautifully. Another of Norwich City’s photography hot spots that goes up in points during the golden hours. 

norwich city skyline

Jarrold Bridge

Heading back to the city on foot from Household Heath you are likely to pass or cross Jarrold Bridge. On the north east side of the city, the bridge sweeps in a curved arc over the River Wensum. 

jarrold bridge norwich

Having won numerous awards for innovation and design, the bridge plays a key role in highlighting one of Norwich’s oldest and beautiful structures, Norwich Cathedral. As you cross the bridge from the north side, you’ll be walking directly towards the cathedral. With fascinating leading lines and a combination of modern and traditional materials, the bridge is a must see for photographers.

Once on the other side, be sure to head into the Adam & Eve pub for a refreshing beverage. It’s one of the oldest public houses in England and is packed full of character.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and viewing my pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Despite Norwich hosting a world of photogenic wonders, these are my favourite and I would highly recommend visiting. 

If there’s any others that you think are deserving of a mention please let me know in the comments section. For each of the locations mentioned above I would advise experimenting with both portrait and landscape shots, as well as taking photos of the same things during different times of day and night. 

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norwich cathedral cloisters photography

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