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On Friday 6th August 2021 me and Daniel Gheorghe ventured into the Fine City of Norwich. We were blessed with blue skies and low light. The streets were full of life and plenty of photographic opportunities presented themselves. This article takes you through a small and visual journey taken on a Norwich City street photography session.

My Street Photography Equipment

When walking the streets packing light is best. The camera used on the day was my trusty Sony A6000 mirrorless. After plenty of research I found this to be the most functional and capable camera below £500. The kit lens is a 16-50mm OSS zoom lens.

After just a month or two of use I upgraded to a Sigma 56mm f1.4. This packs more punch, offers a far greater depth of field with an incredible bokeh. Sigma 56mm f1.4 cost less than £400 and is worth every penny.

If you are looking to get into photography, set aside cash for a decent lens. And don’t think you need to spend thousands to get kit that delivers fantastic results.

My Norwich Street Photography Journey

Me and Daniel agreed to rendezvous outside of Norwich City Hall. An Art Deco building completed in 1938. Despite the building’s vast presence, one element caught my eye that day. It was the six large bronze doors sitting atop the spanning staircase.

Each door marked with three roundels highlighting part of Norwich City’s history and industry. If you look carefully you can also see subtle engravings at the foot of each pillar surrounding the bronze doors.

norwich city hall street photogrphy

A Stroll Past Castle Street

With the intention of heading towards Norwich Cathedral we made our way past the marketplace. On a previous outing without the cameras Daniel pointed out a shot of the castle he would like to take. I let him have that one as something else grabbed my attention.

The Sea Salt Cornwall shop sitting on Castle Street has a deep blue facade. In the moment I managed to capture two pairs of people walking in opposite directions without intention. Only recently I noticed that all of their feet are in sync.

sea salt cornwall norwich photographer

The Ivy, Norwich

A restaurant I’m yet to try out. Another Art Deco building gracing the city centre. Beautifully decorated inside and out. The Sigma 56mm f1.4 lens forces you to take a step back and take a shot. Due to the tight squeeze in the Norwich Lanes I was forced to take portrait shots for this building and its al fresco dining area.

The Cosy Club, Norwich

Continuing our journey through Norwich City we past another iconic building steeped in history. The Cosy Club opened in 2019. Replacing the old National Provincial Bank which resided in this building. Dining here for the first time was a strange experience because years before I used to bank here.

the cosy club norwich london street

This second photo taken outside The Cosy Club building demonstrates both change and signs of the times. In the foreground we have a group of people enjoying themselves. Most likely for the first time in over a year due to the recent and ongoing pandemic.

Heading up the stairs into the venue are two individuals sporting masks in order to gain entry. This one was taken on our walk back to where we started. Hence the change in light.

street photography session in norwich

St Andrews Brewhouse and Elm Hill

One thing that really stood out to me with the St Andrews Brewhouse building is the rounded corner. Very rarely seen on red brick buildings, this subtle feature hasn’t gone unappreciated.

Almost a stone throw away I spotted the building pictured on the right. Situated on the Norwich University of the Arts complex. Although it looks like a house, I’m not entirely sure what it is used for.

Norwich Pub and Paddle

A new and mobile feature to Norwich City. Increasing in popularity year after year. The Norwich Pub and Paddle “headquarters” sits on the River Wensum next to the Ribs of Beef public house.

pub and paddle norwich photography

Giving punters the freedom of the Wensum via traditional wooden canoe while sinking a beverage or two along the way. Because of restricted access to the canoes I was limited on the approach I could take with these photos. Fortunately the angle worked in my favour and I am happy with the end results.

pub and paddle location norwich

River Wensum, Plant Life, Pigeons & People

The journey continued along the River Wensum. The still low in the sky but high enough captivate with its golden glow. With thanks to one of my Instagram connections the following flower was identified as a Buddleia. Also known as “Butterfly Bush”.

buddleia butterfly bush photo

Photograph number two taken along the stretch between Fye Bridge and Whitefriars Bridge shows Daniel assessing the situation. Analysing the surroundings and absorbing with eye and lens.

daniel gheorghe photography norwich


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